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Glassy Jewel Caterpillar-Inspired Pendant


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This caterpillar has been rattling (or slowly crawling) around my head for a while. So, while working on caterpillars last week, I had to give this one a try.

Jewel Caterpillars- from Central and South America, members of the family Dalceridae- look like they are made of glass, or like they might be a terrestrial nudibranch; they are almost entirely transparent, and sometimes have little red dots buried inside each protrusion, looking like little glimmering rubies. We aren't quite sure why they're covered in their transparent goo; it breaks off easily, perhaps as a deterrent to predators? You'd think that a creature that looks this odd would be toxic, but they're arent. They're just... sticky.

The caterpillars into a moth that is orangy red and very fuzzy, commonly called the Fuzzy Flier.

This pendant is borosilicate, and measures 58mm x 32mm x 20mm thick, with a 4mm loop on the back of the leaf.

Ships free within the US via USPS Priority Mail.

Reference photo credit (and for more info about these wonderful caterpillars)

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