ASGB Class Kit

  • ASGB Class Kit

This is a kit of vitreous enamel painting supplies for those taking my online class through the Arizona Society of Glass Beadmakers.

What’s included:
- sample quantities of Fusemaster High Fire, lead-free enamels: white, black, red, blue, yellow, and green
- squeegee oil (medium)
- detail brushes (2)
- rubber shaper for paint cleanup
- palette knife
- containers for mixed enamel
- misc little bits (toothpicks, index cards)

What you’ll need to provide:
- turpentine for cleaning brushes
- small glass jar for turpentine
- N95 respirator mask
- nitrile gloves

Priority Shipping within the US is included.
You are welcome to order any time, but in order for your kit to arrive in time for class on 11/19, I’ll need your order by 11/7. Orders placed by 11/7 are guaranteed to ship by 11/14.